Underwater Photography & Videography

One of the reasons why we decided to opt for a 4-1 guest/guide ratio. We want our customers to feel free underwater, without the pressure of many other divers around them so they have time on the shot and interaction with the creature to capture the best moment on film or video.

To make your life a little easier on your mind and wallet we provide all your diving equipment (complimentary to our repeat or All Inclusive guests) if you so choose. This enables you to travel light by just bringing your photo-video equipment. Excess luggage charges are becoming an issue in these days of high travel costs. We aim to help, our high quality dive gear is just part of our onboard SIGNATURE SERVICE style.

Our guides are among the best in Indonesia, and constantly strive to meet your every need and exceed your expectations. Whatever your diving goals, our team will spare no effort to help you achieve them. Personalized service is our specialty, with groups limited to 4 divers per guide, allowing us to stay close and look for special creatures while you concentrate on your photography. This approach also gives us more time to spend with each diver, whether you are interested in photography or not. And, by keeping groups so small, you will have more special moments surrounded by marine life and less by strobes, cameras and other divers.

Like many of you, we love to take underwater photos and video. We do not claim to get better results than anyone else, but we do have years of firsthand experience. We understand the passion and dedication that is required for successful underwater imaging, and realize its importance to our guests, whether amateur or seasoned professionals. Through the years we have learned much about what it takes to capture good images, helping us design a program to match the needs of even the most experienced image makers.

In order to achieve these goals we will be offering the following:

  • Complimentary Pony bottles (Spare Air) on board
  • Individual rinse tanks
  • Individual space, clearly independent, at the camera station with both 110V and 220V connections
  • Nitrox for added safety and/or to prolong your bottom time

At DIVE DAMAI we appreciate how valuable your time and resources are and the effort you have made to dive some of the world's remotest itineraries. We appreciate it, and believe that you deserve the very best in facilities and personalized service to create that a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.